Covid Testing Oak Brook Il

Covid Testing Oak Brook Il

Several facilities are offering COVID testing in Oak Brook II. Most of the free testing services are open for the most part of the day till they reach their daily test capacity.

The county also has a few drive-through testing sites. People can take their nasal swab test at the drive-through sites while following instructions from the medical practitioners on duty.

Our team provides the fastest and easiest COVID testing in Oak Brook II while you remain in the comfort of your car.

How We Provide Drive-through COVID Testing in Oak Brook II

Before visiting our COVID testing center, you'll need to schedule an appointment as only attend to those who have booked an appointment beforehand. Once you get to the testing site, follow the road signs directing you to the designated checkpoint.

One of our staff will approach your car to verify that you already have an appointment and record your personal information. After collecting the information, they will direct you to the next checkpoint where you'll get tested. Keep your windows up throughout the process.

At the test checkpoint, the lab technician will ask you to lower your window to have your test sample collected. The sample collection process can be uncomfortable but not painful.

While still in your car, the technician will ask you to tilt your head back as they insert a long cotton swab through your nose. The swab goes deep inside the nose to the point where it meets the throat (nasopharyngeal), where the virus is mostly concentrated.

The technician then sends the samples collected to the lab for analysis. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes, but there's more. You can get your result within 30 minutes of taking the test.

What Your Test Results Mean

If your result is positive, you need to quickly schedule an appointment with your doctor to know what steps to take. You need to self-isolate before and during your treatment to reduce the risk of exposing your loved ones to the virus.

If your result returns negative, it's either you don't have the virus, or the virus is still in its replicating stage. At this stage, the rapid antigen test conducted at the drive-through testing center will not detect the virus because it has not produced as much protein as needed for detection.

The care provider will recommend that you take a different type of COVID-19 test (molecular PCR test), especially if you're still experiencing any COVID symptoms. Although this test takes a longer time to get a result, it is more reliable.

While waiting for the PCR test result, you should self-isolate and tell your loved ones to do the same. If you've come in contact with anyone with COVID symptoms within 14 days before your test, you should encourage them to get tested too.

Our COVID testing center in Oak Brook II is second to none. You can contact TriLab for the best Covid testing: 331-703-3696


Covid Testing Oak Brook Il