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Treatment Centers In Prescott Az

Treatment Centers In Prescott Az

Alcohol or drug addiction causes problems to the user and family. It can make one feel desperate and hopeless in life. Recovering is not an easy process. Committing a family member or a friend to Prescott Arizona drug and alcohol rehab or nearby alcohol rehabs in Prescott, AZ, can be difficult. Still, it is the best thing to do. The best rehab centers in Arizona and treatment centers in Arizona will assist you or your loved one get over addiction and live a normal life.

Why us?

Individualized treatment

A good treatment program for addicts should put into consideration the individual needs of a patient. Therefore, when you come to our facility, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your condition, medical history, and addiction history to create a treatment plan that suits you best. In addition, we will put into consideration your social, medical, psychological, and spiritual beliefs. We also factor in your age, gender, ethnicity, culture, and experiences.


Our facility is accredited, which means it has gone through the accreditation process and has met all the appropriate state licensure requirements. Our staff are trained, licensed, abide by the safety standards, apply HIPAA guidelines, and offer evidence-based treatment.

Evidence-based therapies

Evidence-based treatment produces the best outcomes for addiction treatment. Apart from using tailored treatment plans, we use therapies that have proven to be successful. Some of our evidence-based therapies include motivational interviewing, trauma-information care, and cognitive-behavior therapy.

Stress-free environment

A stressful environment might trigger resistance and aggressiveness to medication and therapies, which might affect the success of rehabilitation techniques. Therefore, our rehab offers our clients a cozy, stress-free environment to make them feel comfortable. In addition, our low-stress environment is noise-free and away from triggers that might tempt the patient.


We also include medical nutrition therapy in the patient's treatment plan. Addiction causes harm to the brain and body, weakening the immune system. The addict can become overweight, underweight, or develop skin conditions. A good nutritional plan improves their physical appearance by reversing these conditions. Our therapeutically designed nutritional plan will

  • Nourish and bring healing to the body,
  • Minimize craving for drugs and alcohol
  • Stabilize the patient's mood and reduce stress
  • Educate the patient about self-care and nutrition


Fitness is an essential element of an excellent rehab program. These exercises offer different benefits. Exercises such as running improve learning as this exercise increases neuron reserves in the brain. Fitness programs can help patients to relax and relieve negative emotions. In addition, during the exercises, endorphins are released. These feel-good hormones make a patient feel good. Overall, exercise helps our patients to develop optimism, self-confidence and reduces anxiety and depression.  

Family program

The family, together with the patient, suffers from the effects of addiction. Our family therapy sessions aim at healing the family and prepare them to give support to the patient.

Aftercare program

Recovery is a lifelong process. We offer patient aftercare programs to avoid patients' relapse. If not taken care of, patients mostly relapse within the first year. Post-treatment care helps recovering addicts live a fulfilling life. Call the best Arizona drug rehab today. 

Please contact the Royal Life Centers to learn more about our facilities or to discuss recovery with an addiction treatment specialist.


Treatment Centers In Prescott Az