Rapid Covid Testing Oak Brook Il

Rapid Covid Testing Oak Brook Il

Normal activities have resumed in various countries globally, and schools and sporting activities are resuming fully in many countries. However, one thing remains, the need to get tested for the novel coronavirus.

There are several COVID testing centers in Oak Brook II. Some of the testing venues include hospitals, commercial labs, drive-through test sites, and some pharmacies.

The FDA has tasked many manufacturers and authorized them to create COVID-19 tests. However, these tests are not created to serve the same purpose or work in the same manner. The tests vary in accuracy level, the time it takes to get results, and testing methods.

Types of COVID-19 Tests

There are about three types of tests for COVID-19 – Polymerous Chain Reaction (PCR), antigen (rapid) tests, and antibody or serologic tests. The first two are diagnostic tests, while the third one looks for protective antibodies in patients who have recovered from the virus.

The PCR test is the most reliable of the three methods. However, it may take about two or more days to get results. The tests also require getting samples from the nasal pharyngeal area where the sinuses and the throat meet. The nasal pharyngeal area is where the virus usually resides in high volume.

Usually, the care provider inserts a swab through your nostril to the nasal pharyngeal area and rotates the swab to gather the needed sample. Although the sample collection process is not painful, it is uncomfortable.

Advantages of Rapid COVID Testing over Regular Testing

The Rapid Test is the fastest of all the types of COVID tests, producing a result in less than an hour. It looks for fragments of the coronavirus in the sample without replicating or amplifying it in the lab.

The test can easily detect the virus in patients close to reaching the peak of the infection.

The results are produced within a short period, implying no need to waste time standing in queues. Since there are no queues, the chances of spreading the infection to others are also reduced.

If the result is positive, patients can start treatment earlier instead of waiting for another 48 to 72 hours to get their test results—the chances of surviving the virus increase if treatment starts early.

Antigen tests are also less expensive than other test types, making them suitable for at-home tests and extensive group testing. To get a more regular result from the at-home rapid COVID test, contact us on 331-703-3696 for professional tips on how to get an accurate result.

While the swab has to reach the throat in the PCR test type, it doesn't extend past the nostril for antigen test. In essence, the test is more comfortable than the PCR tests.

When to Get Tested

Anyone who is experiencing any symptoms of COVID should get tested for the virus. However, our professionals continue to provide rapid COVID testing in Oak Brook for asymptomatic patients who have been exposed to a confirmed COVID patient.

With the increasing number of rapid COVID testing facilities in Oak Brook, more people are getting tested within a short period, and adequate care is administered.

If you did an antigen test and the result are negative, your doctor may recommend that you take a PCR test to be doubly sure. But if the result is positive, you have COVID-19 infection and should self-isolate and start treatment immediately. Contact TriLab for the best covid testing: 331-703-3696


Rapid Covid Testing Oak Brook Il