Rapid Covid Testing Hinsdale Il

Rapid Covid Testing Hinsdale Il

Many people have developed doubts and felt uncertain about certain symptoms they have felt since the coronavirus outbreak. Many have asked, "Have I contracted the coronavirus?" "Do I need to seek medical assistance?" “Do I need to quarantine?”

Well, it is better to get tested immediately you feel any symptoms of COVID-19. Luckily, there are several ideal rapid COVID testing centers in Hinsdale, IL, and you can get your result in an hour or less.

What are Rapid COVID Tests and How Do They Work?

Most rapid diagnostic tests are done with nasal or throat swab. The tests detect a protein that is found on the surface of the coronavirus. Rapid tests are more reliable when the patient is near the peak of infection.

The novel coronavirus spreads in the body by replicating itself and putting its genetic materials in the host's cells. Rapid tests cannot detect the protein during the stage when the virus is still replicating because the virus has not produced enough protein that can be detected by antigen testing.

Are Rapid COVID-19 Tests Trustable?

Rapid COVID-19 tests produce results in about an hour or less. However, the result may not be as accurate as a standard COVID-19 test. In essence, if you choose to take a rapid COVID-19, you’re sacrificing accuracy with speed.

Rapid COVID-19 tests will only detect the coronavirus if there is a large amount of the virus present in the sample. It is more helpful if the individual is symptomatic early in the infection.

If the result of a rapid COVID-19 test returns positive, the patient should be considered positive for the virus. However, if the result is negative, more reliable molecular test methods should be used, especially if they still have the symptoms.

The results of a rapid COVID-19 test are reliable only when the samples are collected by a professional and the tests are performed as directed by the manufacturers.

Where Can I Get a COVID Rapid Test?

We have some of Hinsdale, IL's best professionals to conduct rapid COVID testing. Our COVID testing sites are also available in other towns other than Hinsdale, IL. You can check through our catalog to locate the nearest testing center to you. 

Are At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Tests Reliable?

Not everyone can visit a drive-through or standard rapid COVID testing center. Patients whose immunities have been compromised by previous underlying health challenges like cancer can consider at-home rapid tests. However, this test cannot be completely trusted if the patients do it on their own.

One main reason why the result may not be reliable is the mode of sample collection. Collecting samples from the nasal cavity using a swab is not a comfortable experience. The chances are the collected sample will not be as good as one collected by a professional due to the discomfort.

Another problem may occur if the sample needs to be mailed to a professional for lab analysis. As long as the sample may require going through another person, there’s a risk of contamination before it gets to its supposed destination.

Lastly, one must also consider if the test manufacturers have been thoroughly screened and vetted by the FDA. Are there published studies to ascertain the reliability of the tests?

At-Home rapid COVID-19 tests are undoubtedly comfortable and cheap, but if it has too many false-negatives, then it is not reliable. If you're unable to make it to any of the rapid testing sites around Hinsdale, IL, you can contact us to request for our staff to assist you in conducting the test at home.


Rapid Covid Testing Hinsdale Il