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Drug Rehab Colorado

Drug Rehab Colorado

Drug addiction is not a condition; it is a disease with profound implications and consequences on many facets of life. The Royal Life Centers is one of the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Colorado, offering various options for managing substance abuse, including inpatient and outpatient programs. The treatment in both options is likely to have various components, including counseling, relapse prevention, life skills training, and behavioral therapy. However, addiction programs should be tailored to accommodate the unique needs of each patient. Inpatient treatment may work for some patients and not others. Therefore, it is essential to consider various factors to determine the best treatment option for you.

Differences between Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

The main differences between inpatient and outpatient programs are in accommodation, structure, and duration of treatment. An inpatient treatment program requires patients to stay in a facility for 24 hours for a specific period. Residential treatment programs are highly structured, planned, and supervised.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Residential or inpatient treatment programs have several variations. Facilities must meet specific standards to offer residential treatment, including:

  • Hospitals with specialty units for treating substance abuse
  • Facilities that specialize in treating behavioral or mental health issues
  • Specialized substance abuse facilities
  • Specialized inpatient treatment facilities

Inpatient addiction treatment at the top-rated rehab centers in Colorado can be quite intensive and may last from a few weeks up to six months on average. Long-term residential treatment programs may last for a year. One of the benefits of inpatient addiction treatment is the 24 hours monitoring provided at the facilities. This means that patients receive a high level of care during the entire duration of their treatment.

Residential treatment programs at top drug and alcohol rehabs may have additional components, including yoga, meditation, art, fitness, massage, and nutritional planning. Typically, the Best addiction treatment services in Arizona begins with detox to allow patients to safely rid their bodies of the addictive substances in their systems. Addiction specialists may recommend inpatient treatment for some patients because it offers a high level of supervision, care, and structure, which promotes healing of the body and mind. Inpatient programs offer space and opportunity for patients to build healthy habits.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Unlike inpatient treatment programs that require patients to stay in a specialized facility for 24 hours for a given number of days, outpatient programs allow patients to return to their homes each night. The top addiction programs in AZ

 are provided in a wide range of settings. In addition, outpatient treatment has variations, including partial hospitalization, traditional outpatient services, and intensive outpatient programs.

The overriding feature of outpatient programs is the patient does not stay on site. They provide treatment for several hours per day for a certain number of days. Outpatient programs are just as comprehensive as residential treatment. However, consider various factors when determining the suitability of inpatient and outpatient programs for patients.

Choosing the Best Treatment

Substance abuse is a disease with high chances of relapse ranging between 40 and 60 percent. Addiction treatment should last for at least 90 days. The longer a person stays in a treatment program, the lower their chances of relapse.

Our addiction specialists can help you determine the most appropriate treatment for you or a loved one after a thorough assessment. Please call us at Royal Life Detox: 877-732-6837 for reliable treatment recommendations.



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