Drive Through Covid Testing Oakbrook Il

Drive Through Covid Testing Oakbrook Il

Finding reliable and worthy centers for COVID 19 testing in Oak Brook is hard. Many centers offer the facility, but few have the necessary training. This is where TriLab comes in.

TriLab offers some of the best drive-through COVID testing in Oakbrook IL. The following is a brief review of our services and operations.

Quick Results

Drive through the COVID tests are meant to be faster and safer. People who don’t want to risk their safety by opting for a walk-in test, choose Drive Through tests for their rapidity. We aim to provide results within the same day for persons that choose to drive through the testing facility.

We can provide results as fast as 30 minutes.

That said, depending upon the type of tests performed, the results can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. We advise you to check with us beforehand.

Simple Process

The testing process we use is quite simple.

First, when you arrive for your appointment, you call us and confirm that you are here for the test.

While you remain in the car, our team will come and collect nasal secretion samples. By inserting a nasal swab in both nostrils, our technicians will collect the secretions which will be used for testing.

Once we have collected the sample, you are free to go.

In most cases, the results are available within 24 hours. We will notify you of the results through a phone call and an email. If you want us to notify you some other way, please let us know.

Type of Tests

We offer two different types of coronavirus testing in Oak Brook IL for identifying active infection: A molecular PCR, also called a Rapid Antigen test and a polymerase chain reaction.

The Rapid Antigen Test provides results within the same and so is faster than the polymerase chain reaction test which can take up to two days to come through.

We also offer Antibody Tests for identifying prior infections. These tests can be useful if you suspect that you had gone through infection and need confirmation.


Before you can get a Drive through fast COVID test in Oak Brook IL, you need to get an appointment. After getting an appointment make sure you bring a credit card on the testing day. We don’t accept cash payments, checks, or insurance because of the extra amount of work and fees attached to processing.

We want to make the process streamlined, easy, and affordable for you, and accepting only credit card payments helps us do that.

On the appointment day, ensure that you have a mobile phone on you and valid proof of identity. We can’t offer the test unless we can verify your identity.

Finally, for patients under the age of 18, you must bring a parent or a guardian with you.

If you are looking for a premier Oak Brook Illinois COVID 19 testing center, then look no further. We are one of the best testing centers when it comes to the safety and rapidness of results.

Contact TriLab for the best covid testing: 331-703-3696

Drive Through Covid Testing Oakbrook Il