Drive Through Covid Testing Elmhurst Il

Drive Through Covid Testing Elmhurst Il

There are different procedures for getting a COVID test. However, drive-through COVID testing seems to be the most popular option. You can now get the much-needed test in the comfort of your car, in the exact way you’d order for some fast food. 

Before going for a drive-through test, it is important to know the types of tests and understand which better suits your needs. Here is a quick look into the top three test options and how they work. 

Top 3 COVID Test Options

Here are the top three Covid test options you can get: 

  • Molecular Test

The molecular test is done if you desire quick results. Perhaps you need to prove to your boss at work that you don’t have coronavirus or you feel like you do. Test samples are gotten from your nose or mouth through the use of a cotton swab. Once they are examined at the lab, your results will be ready within a few days. 

  • Antigen Test

The Antigen test is also known as the rapid COVID testing. This procedure is mostly used during emergencies or when testing several people. Health officials make use of it at airports, supermarkets, and more. The test is cheaper and also faster than the molecular test. 

  • Antibody Test

The Antibody test is also called the serology or blood test. The procedure is used to identify existing antibodies to the coronavirus in the bloodstream. It is important to note that the test isn’t used to check for an active COVID-19 infection, it’s only used to check if you ever got infected in the past. Test samples are obtained from the blood, like the regular blood test. 

Side note: Molecular and Antigen tests can be taken in your car, so you don’t have to visit a clinic or worry about carrying out the tests yourself. 

Drive-through COVID Testing And How It Works

If you’ve decided to undergo drive through COVID testing, here’s a step by step guide into all you need to know about the stress-free procedure and how it works:

  • Step 1: Find A Good Drive Through Testing Site

Once you do a little research, you can figure out if they offer the best testing procedure. Also, make sure to do some research about the certification and license of their staff.

  • Step 2: Schedule an Appointment 

After you settle on a testing site, book an appointment. On the said date, drive to the location with your windows shut and remain in your appropriate car lane. Make sure to stay in your car while the health official gets the required information from you. 

  • Step 3: Get Tested

You will be shown where you’re to get the testing done. Still in your car, the health official will instruct you to bend your head to the back slightly. When this is done, a cotton swab will be inserted into your nostrils or mouth to collect samples. 

The sample collecting process usually takes some seconds. It is painless but slightly uncomfortable as it might cause your eyes to water or make you sneeze. 

  • Step 4: Sample Examination

The samples are taken to the laboratory for examination. This mostly takes up to two or three days at most.

Benefits of a Drive-through COVID Test

  • Good ventilation during testing 
  • Quick and simple 
  • Safety is guaranteed

In conclusion, getting drive-through COVID testing might be the best option if you’re looking for something safe and comfortable. Now, all you need to do is trust us enough to give you a good testing experience!

Drive Through Covid Testing Elmhurst Il