Drive Through Covid Testing Addison Il

Drive Through Covid Testing Addison Il

Drive through Covid testing Addison IL The global pandemic Coronavirus has affected the health of millions of people and the economy of every country around the world. To stop the further spread of the virus around Addison, IL various measures are being taken by the government and health organizations. Drive through Covid testing Addison IL is one way to find out the active Coronavirus cases in the county.

To provide a service of fast COVID test in Addison IL, TriLab is offering an unmatched service of testing for the virus and providing the results as soon as possible. Our health specialists are committed to serving the people in the best safest way and with utmost care so that no further health damages occur.

Here is everything that you need to know about our drive-thru Corona testing in DuPage.

What is the type of testing we conduct?

Testing coronavirus is as crucial as curing it. Our Covid testing centers in Addison IL conduct two types of tests to identify active corona patients. Antigen test and PCR test.

  • Antigen test: It is a rapid test as the results can be acquired within 15mins. In this, the test we detect the protein fragments that are associated with coronavirus.

  • PCR Test: Whereas our Molecular PCR tests can detect the virus even if you have no visible symptoms of the infection and can be detected in just a few days of infection. It looks for the genetic material RNA that is specific to the virus.

  • Antibody test: We also conduct an antibody test to detect if you had been previously infected by the virus or not.

We provide the results for both tests on the same day. The tests are conducted with the help of ABBOTT ID NOW and the Sophia Quidel System.

What is the procedure of our testing?

At first, you will have to book an appointment with us beforehand for your safety and convenience. After you have arrived let us know via call or message and then the nasal secretion sample would be collected. It is a very quick procedure in which a swab is inserted 1inch into the nasal passage and further for more than 10 seconds. The swab will be rotated several times before removing it. The same process will be conducted for the other nostril as well.

Why and when is the right time to get tested?

  1. If you have traveled recently or are planning to travel, it’s better to get checked for the virus.
  2. If you are someone who is working on the frontline as a health worker or someone around you have been tested positive then it’s time for you to get checked even if no symptoms are visible.
  3. If you feel symptoms like fever, dry coughs, shortness of breath, loss of taste, and smell, fatigue, generalized body aches, etc.
  4. If you want to confirm your test result done somewhere else.

How much longer it will take for the results?

We strive to give the results as soon as possible. After the test, while you wait in your car we can provide the results in about 30 minutes. Your results will be sent to your given email, phone number whatever is decided earlier during the time of appointment.

TriLab is providing most accurate Coronavirus testing in Addison IL with extreme care and precautions. So visit our Addison Illinois COVID 19 testing center or Contact TriLab for the best COVID testing:331-703-3696