Covid Testing Mount Prospect Il

Covid Testing Mount Prospect Il

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), many testing centers and laboratories have been established across the country. COVID testing centers in Mount Prospect, IL, offer some of the best testing services to their patients.

Suppose you have perused the internet out of curiosity to find out how they do the test; you may have come across very intimidating videos. The swabs used in the video seem to go deep inside the nostril, making it look like an excruciating procedure.

In reality, the tests are not as bad as they appear in the pictures you may have seen on the internet. The tests are just a quick way of finding out if you have contracted the coronavirus.

Different Coronavirus Tests Available

The lab technician collects samples used for the test in either of the following four ways: inserting a 6-inch long swab deep inside the nose and rotating for about 15 seconds (nasopharyngeal), collecting saliva samples, swabbing the back of the throat, or swabbing the nostrils. The lab technician in charge then inserts the sample in a container and sends it to the lab.

The test itself is of two kinds, but the most common is the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. The PCR test aids the detection of viral genetic codes – like the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 – that should not exist in the human body.

PCR tests can also detect fragments of such genes in a patient that has recovered from the virus but could still test positive.

The other test type is the antigen test, and FDA authorized the first one in mid-May. The test can be done on-site and the result prepared in about an hour or less. The antigen test does not look for genetic anomalies but rather virus proteins in nasal swabs.

Most at-home tests authorized by the FDA make use of PCR technology and require saliva or a nasal sample. You may need the approval of a medical professional to get one.

What to Expect During Sample Collection for COVID Test

The process of collecting test samples can be very uncomfortable; however, you'll still be able to breathe and talk normally. The technician uses a sterilized nasal swab for the sample collection, so there are no chances of you getting infected from it.

The health worker gently passes the swan to the back of your nasal passage, to the point where it connects to the throat. The swab is left in place for a few seconds to absorb enough secretions; this part is usually the most uncomfortable.

What You Should Do While Waiting for Your Test Results

Nobody likes being held in suspense for long, especially when it comes to severe infections like the novel coronavirus. However, while waiting for your test results to come in, here are a few things you should do:

  • Stay at Home and Continue Self-Isolating: To avoid spreading the coronavirus infection any further, stay away from people and continue self-isolating if you've already started.
  • Avoid making Contact with Your Household: Protect your loved ones by staying away from them when you perceive any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Ask your Friends and Households who you have been in contact with to self-isolate: Everyone who has been in close contact with you in the past 14-days before your test should also self-isolate, even if they're asymptomatic.

Contact TriLab for the best Covid testing: 331-703-3696. Call us to schedule your COVID testing appointment in Mount Prospect, IL. You also get a chance to meet with some of the best medical professionals who can advise you on the next step to take after getting your test results.

Covid Testing Mount Prospect Il