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Christian Based Drug Rehab San Fernando Valley

Christian Based Drug Rehab San Fernando Valley

All over the world, therapeutic communities that appeal to spirituality, and specifically to the Christian religion, are achieving the highest percentages of recovery of drug addicts. 

During the last few years, addiction treatment centers for Christians in San Fernando Valley have gained popularity over traditional institutions thanks to the amazing results they have been achieving with the recovery of their patients. Even in the scientific community itself, it is now widely accepted that therapies that emphasize spiritual and cultural components are the ones that achieve higher recovery rates and lower relapse rates once patients complete the rehabilitation process.

For specialists, the better results obtained by treatments that place special emphasis on affection, values, and faith can be explained by the fact that addicts basically suffer from a lack of love, feel incapable of facing problems -they avoid them with drugs- and lack meaning to their lives.

The problem of addictions implies a bio-psycho-social and spiritual response. That is why in our Christian drug rehab centers in SFV, we are convinced that the latter is decisive because it goes to the heart of the matter. The spiritual has to do with the most intimate issues of the human being, such as feelings and sensitivity, and with aspects as deep as hope and faith, allowing the realization as persons. In this sense, the spiritual is what gives patients the strength to face the challenges of life, accepting the effort and even the sacrifice that may be necessary, and it is what moves them to live a dignified life in freedom, far from the slavery of drugs.

It can be said that a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab center in SFV has the same advantages as a conventional rehab center, with the addition that the patients' recovery is supported by a spiritual component that makes the rehabilitation process more bearable and easier to sustain even when the patients have already left our Christ-centered drug rehab centers.

If you are wondering what distinguishes our spiritual rehab program in San Fernando Valley, it is especially focused on our patients getting to know the work of Jesus Christ and God in order to have an ethical and moral framework that allows them to move forward more firmly in their rehabilitation process. And in addition to the emphasis on Christian teaching, our program also places great emphasis on making our patients feel like members of a community in which they can find comfort and relate to each other in order to alleviate the most common anxieties and fears that people who are trying to overcome addiction may feel. 

Our rehabilitation program has achieved the best results for a long time because, in addition to a program with a solid foundation, we also have a team of multidisciplinary professionals who can accompany our patients throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

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Christian Based Drug Rehab San Fernando Valley